game-space development
harn museum of art

october 6, 2009 - january 3, 2010

*NOTE - The exhibition closed on January 3rd, so live client updates from the exhibition site are ended. The web and iPhone clients still function, but the "hybrid subject" is static. You can download the PC/Mac client by clicking on Harn Museum of Art on the main website --- click HERE.

We are currently working on updating the clients to display what has now become an "artifact". This will allow the viewer to view Game-Space in past-tense.

Proposed schedule for ISEA participation/installation:

August 6 – Arrive in Dortmund, Germany
August 7 – investigate installation site at Hartware MedienKunstVerien (HMKV), Dortmund U, Center for Art and Creativity.
August 8 – 19

  1. Research site conditions, and collect data.
  2. Contextualize the concept and brainstorm artistic response.
  3. Model the environment using 3D software.
  4. Program the simulation.
  5. Install video cameras/surveillance, projectors and computing systems.
  6. Calibrate the system.

August 20 – 29th – Attend conference, exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions and paper presentations located in the Ruhr region (Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg).

August 30 – September 1st – Travel to Karlsruhe, Germany to visit ZKM Center for Art and Media.

September 2 – 3rd – Travel to Linz, Austria to visit Ars Electronica Center.

September 4th – Travel to Donau, Austria to visit Donau-University Krems, MediaArtHistories program.

September 5th – Return to Dortmund for return flight to Gainesville.

The iPhone client is now online (free).app store

Paper presented at Digital Art & Culture 2009:
Game-Space: Unfolding Experiments in Subjectivity [2.9 MB pdf]


Below are images from the Harn installation as well as screenshots from the iPhone client: