init oscillates between artwork and artifact. It is a website intimately tied to an installation that travels from institution to institution. In this role, the website provides an interface for viewers to interact with the literal/physical installation. as an artifact, the site contains documents of past events.

---| artwork

The viewer may choose to join an exhibition in-progress. In-progress exhibitions are denoted graphically by a flashing red circle. The viewer can click on the link and download a client version of the game-space project and "attend" the exhibition. The viewer becomes a part of the work, adding their subjectivity to the multiple subjectivities represented in the whole. (see rules of play)

---| artifact

The viewer may choose to observe a past exhibition. These exhibitions may be downloaded and viewed with the client application. The client application allows the viewer to select work included in the exhibition and navigate from work to work. Future versions will occupy a hybrid between artwork and artifact providing metadata collected during the run of the exhibition.