rules of play

Game-Space is a simulation of a simulation, an affective portal exploring the perception of perception. It functions, not as representation, but as a laboratory for experimentation with a hybrid subject. Game-Space is a machine for exploring subjectivity.

The path of a subject, contemplating artworks within a gallery, drives a parallel representation in the form of a videogame. Each reflects the other, questioning our construction of "reality." What games are played? Whose point of view is represented? What relationships exist between the notion of play as expressed in the videogame and the play of the artist, viewer, work, and institution? How is subjectivity transformed when the artwork returns our gaze? How might mediated experience create new subjectivities that extend and complicate our understanding of the world?

A surveillance system selects a viewer and tracks their position as they experience the work. These coordinates are fed through a network into a videogame engine that models the real world space. This simulation is used to construct dual projections in the local installation space, as well as dual images synchronously presented at this website. The Game-Space apparatus constructs a “hybrid subject” that mediates between local and remote.