Video cameras are installed on the ceiling of the physical installation environment. These cameras feed a signal to one of two computers running the installation. The video processing computer analyzes the scene from above, and extracts position data corresponding to viewers in the space. Based on various criteria, the software selects one viewer to track, and communicates the location to the second computer running a videogame simulation of the environment. The physical person's position is used to drive a first-person camera within the game environment, creating what we call a "hybrid subject" -- linked to the "real" yet virtual. This hybrid subject is simultaneously projected in the physical installation environment as well as on the screen of those viewing the installation via a distributed/remote client (ie, via the web client or via iPhone).

Starting with version 003 of the project, the distributed client includes "Facials," a dynamic video assembled from the point-of-view of the sculpture "After Diboutades" which is displayed within the physical installation environment.